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The Story Of Peach Medical

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The mission of Peach Medical is to revive the healthcare and employee safety systems by putting the power back into the hands of business owners, employees and individual patients by giving them fast access to high-quality medical supplies and real industry experts.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
How Long Does It Take For My Item To Ship? Items are shipped the same-day or next business-day from our warehouse. Same-Day product shipments are designated on product landing pages. Same-Day shipments can be processed if orders are placed before 1:00PM EST. Please feel free to contact support@peachmedical.com if you have any questions. What Shipping Methods Do You Offer? At Peach Medical we use both Fedex and UPS as our logistic and Shipping partners. We currently offer the following services: Fedex Next Day Air Fedex 2nd Day Air Fedex Ground (3-5 Day Delivery) UPS Next Day Air UPS 2nd Day Air UPS Ground (3-5 Day Delivery) When Will I Receive My Tracking Number Our system updates clients every evening with tracking numbers for their orders. This will be sent via e-mail with an additional copy of your receipt. Incorrect Address Please verify your address when ordering, we are unable to fix an incorrect shipping address on an order once it is in transit. If your order is in transit with an incorrect address, please reach out to your carrier to reroute the package. Peach Medical is not able to have packages rerouted or contact the carrier on your behalf. Refunds will not be issued for packages that were shipped to an incorrect address but it may be possible for a replacement package to be sent, please contact the customer service team to see if you are eligible.

Payment Info

We Accept All Major Credit Cards and ACH. Please contact us if you would like to open a Net Terms Account.

Contact Us

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Miami HQ
2901 NW 34th St, Suite 1 Miami, FL 33142
Open hours
Daily 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM EST

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